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The number of defective items in 13 recent sample of production lots of 1000 items each from plant a were as follows: 3 1 0 0 2 6 4 1 1 0 2 7 20: calculate the mean number of defective per lot. Soln: 3. 6 eval: 1/1 defectives per lot: what is the median number of defective items per lot? exact} Soln: 2 eval: 1/1 defectives per lot. format{~. d or: because the distribution is median of this data. , the mean is substantially greater than the: the mean number of defectives per lot for 16 lots from plant c was 8. Soln: 128 eval: 1/1 defectives: the median number of defectives per lot for 14 lots from plant b was 4. The table below appeared in the may 2006 issue of the report on business. Coutu"s current stores out perform its newly acquired brooks outlets. Coutu stores averaged sales of . 8 million in 05: number of store 238.

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