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Ryerson University
Quantitative Methods
QMS 102
Changping Wang

8/4/2014… QMS102/204 Winter 2014 Module 11 Report for Nabil Score: 100% Hints 1. An orange juice producer buys alltheir oranges fromone particular orchard. The amount ofjuice fromthe oranges is approximately normally distributed with a mean of138 ml. and a standard deviation of44 ml. a) What is the probability that an orange willhave from150 to 160 ml. ofjuice? 0.084 Soln: 0.0840 Eval: 1/1 b) What is the probability that an orange willhave less than 155ml. ofjuice? 0.6504 Soln: 0.6504 Eval: 1/1 c) What minimumamount ofjuice is in the largest 16% oforanges? 181.8 format{~.d} Soln: 181.8 Eval: 1/1 d) What percent ofthe oranges have at least 130 ml. ofjuice? 57.21 % format{~.dd} Soln: 57.21 Eval: 1/1 e) What is the probability that 6 oranges willprovide enough juice to filla 1 litre containe0.0553 Soln: 0.0553 Eval: 1/1 2. The occurrence ofthe first breakdown ofan automatic washing machine is normally distributed with a mean of 6 years and a standard deviation of1.6 years. How long (fullyears) should these washing machines be guaranteed so that no more than 8 % would require repairs during the warrantee period? 3 years format{w} Soln: 3 Eval: 1/1 3. A trucking company has determined that, on an annualbasis, the distance travelled per truck is normally distributed with a mean of 51 thousand kilometres and a standard deviation of18.8 thousand kilometres. a) What is the probability that the 22 trucks based in the Toronto office average at most 47 thousand kilometres? 0.1591 Soln: 0.1591 Eval: 1/1 b) There are 53 t
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