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Quantitative Methods
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QMS 102
Changping Wang

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8/4/201… QMS102/204 Winter 2014 Module 5 Questions for Nabil Score:92% Hints 1. Last year's travelexpenditures ($) by the 12 members ofa university's business councilwere as follows: $ 0 0 173 378 441 733 754 825 867 897 1182 1827 a) Calculate the mean travelexpenditure per member. $673.1 format{~.d} Soln: 673.1 Eval: 1/1 b) Determine the median travelexpenditure per member. $ 743.5 Soln: 743.5 Eval: 1/1 c) Determine the range $ 1827 and the interquartile range 606.50 ofmember travelexpenditures. Soln: 1827 Eval: 1/1 Soln: 606.5 Eval: 1/1 d) Calculate the coefficient ofvariation ofthe d74.4 % format{~.d} Soln: 74.39 Eval: 1/1 2. A suburban farmgrows strawberries in a large field where prospective customers go to pick-their own. A sample of340 customers showed that 20% picked one basket, 65% picked two baskets and the remainder picked three baskets. What is the mean number ofbaskets ofstrawberries per customer? 1.95 baskets/customer.format{~.dd} Soln: 1.95 Eval: 1/1 What is the standard deviation?0.59 baskets/customer.format{~.dd} Soln: 0.59 Eval: 1/1 3. The percentage distribution ofhourly earnings for all the 2100 plant employees ofthe ABC Corp. is shown below: Hourly Earnings Percent of $
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