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Quantitative Methods
QMS 102
Changping Wang

8/4/2014… QMS102/204 Winter 2014 Module 8 Questions for Nabil Score:67% Note: Allprobability questions should have their answer reported to 4 decimalplaces (rounded correctly) 1. A new public schoolis presently being built in your community. The classrooms willinclude chairs that have a smalltable attached on the right or left side. The schoolis trying to determine how many lefthanded tables should be included in each classroom. Ifonly 8% ofthe population is lefthanded, what is the probability that in a class of27 students: a) three willbe lefthanded? 0.2024 Soln: 0.2024 Eval: 1/1 b) more than three willbe lefthanded? 0.3682 Soln: 0.1658 Eval: 0/1 Feedback: 1-BINOMDIST(3, 27, .08, 1) c) What is the expected number oflefthanded children in a class of27? 2.16 format{~.dd} Soln: 2.16 Eval: 1/1 d) What is the standard deviation ofthe number oflefthanded children in a class of27? 1.41 format{~.dd} Soln: 1.41 Eval: 1/1 2. The quality inspector for a company that produces heptiumcomputer chips has determined that 3% ofthe production is defective. The company does not performfinalproduct inspection, but instead agrees to replace any defective chip found by any customer and for each defective chip willgive the customer a $6 discount on their next order. a) Ifa customer orders 29 heptiumchips, what is the probability that two or more defective chips willbe included in the order? 0.2158 Soln: 0.2158 Eval: 1/1 b) What is the expected totaldiscount that willbe given on the next order? 0.87 format{~.dd} Soln: 5.22 Eval: 0/1 Feedback: 29*.03*6 c) Another customer assembles computer motherboards, each with seven heptiumchips. Ifany chip fails, then the motherboard fails. What is the probability that a motherboard willfail? 0.1920 Soln: 0.1920 Eval: 1/1
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