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Ryerson University
Quantitative Methods
QMS 102
Changping Wang

8/4/2014… QMS102/204 Winter 2014 Module 9 Questions for Nabil Score:100% 1. A realestate office has been averaging 1.5 sales per day for the past severalmonths. What is the probability that the office willmake 4 sales today? 0.0471 Soln: 0.0471 Eval: 1/1 2. A washing machine in a Laundromat breaks down an average ofthree times per month. What is the probability that the machine willbreak down more than 27 times in the next year? 0.9264 Soln: 0.9264 Eval: 1/1 3. Flaws occur randomly in a particular fabric with a mean rate ofoccurance of1.5 every 5 sqare yards. Ifyou purchase 15 square yards offabric, what is the probability that there willbe more than 6 flaws in your fabric? 0.1689 Soln: 0.1689 Eval: 1/1 4. A coilofwire has 500 metres ofwire. Suppose there are 20 nicks (the most common problemwith wire) are randomly distributed on a coil. a) What is the probability that in a 50 metre length ofwire there willbe at least 3 nicks? 0.3233 Soln: 0.3233 Eval: 1/1 b) What is the probability that in a 32 metre length ofwire there willbe exactly 4 nick(s)? 0.0311 Soln: 0.0311 Eval: 1/1 5. Two students have started a business to sealdriveways during the summer months. They rent a pickup truck and a p
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