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Midterm Crib Sheet

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Quantitative Methods
QMS 102
Changping Wang

1Stem and Leaf PlotEach number is separated into a stem and leafSimilar to a histogramContains original data values if possibleRules and Conventions There is more than one set of rules The purpose is to organize a small amount of data in an easy to understand diagramStems 1should be from 6132should be consecutive numbers or repeated numbers they may be repeated twice or 5 times3units must be indicated if stem is not taken from face value4There must be at least one leaf associated with the first and last stemLeaves1The leaf for each data value is the next single digit after the stem 17317 When the stems are repeated twice the leaves 04 go with the first stem and the leaves 59 go with the second stem This order is reversed when the stems are negative2There is no rounding
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