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mid term crib sheet qms 102

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Ryerson University
Quantitative Methods
QMS 102
Robert Hudyma

Definitions - Mean: average Stem and leaf - Mode: most repeated # - Sort data/find range - Median: Middle #, n +1 / 2 - Select classes (5-15) - Range: highest # - lowest # - Find range - Truncated: ALWAYS round down - Width = range/# of classes - Nominal: No ranking - Midpoints = middle of - Ordianal = ranking classes - Interval = no def for 0, ex. Temperature “-2” - - Ratio = 0 has a def - Discrete= a limit - Continuous = no limit - The central tendency is the extent to which all the data values group around a typical or central value. - The variation is the amount of dispersion or scattering of values - The shape is the pattern of the distribution of values from the lowest value to the highest value. Sample Variance n Standard Deviation 2  (X i X) 2 i1 S  n-1 Where = arithmetic mean n = sample size th 1. Compute the difference between each value X = i value of the variable X i and the mean. 2. Square each difference. 3. Add the squared differences. Coefficients of variation 4. Divide this total by n-1 to get the sample variance. CV  S  100% 5. Take the square root of the sample variance X    to get the sample standard deviation.  Stock A:  Av
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