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Quantitative Methods
QMS 202
Clare Chua

1 The number of defective items in 13 recent sample of production lots of 1000 items each from plant A were as follows3 1 0 0 2 6 4 1 1 0 2 7 20a Calculate the mean number of defective per lotdefectives per lotSoln 36 Eval 11 b What is the median number of defective items per lotdefectives per lotformatd or exact Soln 2 Eval 11 c Because the distribution isthe mean is substantially greater than the median of this data Soln skewed right Eval 11 d The mean number of defectives per lot for 16 lots from plant C was 8What was the total number of defectives in these 16 lotsUnknown or defectivesSoln 128 Eval 11 e The median number of defectives per lot for 14 lots from plant B was 4What was the total number of defectives in these 14 lots defectives formatdSoln Unknown Eval 11 2The table below appeared in the May 2006 issue of the Report on BusinessCan Brooks Catch UpCan Brooks Catch UpCoutus current stores out perform itsnewly acquired Brooks outlets Coutu stores averaged sales of 58 million in 05 Number of store238Selling space per store7300 sqft and the US Maxi outlets averaged slightly over 4 million Number of stores21
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