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Ryerson University
Quantitative Methods
QMS 202
Clare Chua

[ i. If the p-value is less than alpha , then reject o H ; ii. If the p-value is more than alpha , then do not reject o H ] There are two possible business conclusions: i. Conclude that there is enough evidence to support the alternative hypothesis. – Reject Ho ii. Conclude that there is not enough evidence to support the alternative hypothesis. – Do Not Reject Ho Null Hypothesis : A statement about the value of a population parameter o H Alternative Hypothesis : -The opposite of the null hypothesis A H 1.Conduct a Chi-Square Test for the difference between two proportions 2. Conduct a Chi-Square Test for the difference among more than two proportions 3. Conduct a Chi-Square Test of Independence Characteristic of chi square test 2. It is positively skewed 3. It is always non-negative value 4. It has only one parameter, called the degrees of freedom. The shape of a Chi-Square distribution curve is skewed to the right for small df and becomes symmetric for large df. (There is a family of Chi-Square distributions) 2. To use ANOVA, we assume the following: i. The populations follow a normal distribution. ii. The populations have equal s
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