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Quantitative Methods
QMS 202
Clare Chua

Chi Square Testing Example 1 Chi Square Testing Example 3An employee survey was conducted by the human resources A survey is taken in three different locations in Nassau County in department atLeonel Industries Responses to a questionnaire from New York to 400 fulltime employees yielded the following breakdown with respect determine whether there is a relationship between architectual to gender and occupational rule style of houses and georgraphic location The results for a sample of 233 houses GenderMgtProf SalesAdmSppt ProdLabourTotalare as followsServcEast FarmingdLevittowTotalMale36333414185147233MedowalenFemale2933235111317167Cape31145297Total65665765295464400Expanded 211215At the 005 level of significance is there evidence of a significant ranchdifference inColonial68923the occupational title between males and females Ranch16202460a What test procedure was used for doing this test ChiSquareSplitlevel1917238b State the hypothesis using statistical symbols Total746099233Null Hypothesis Ho 1234 56 At the 005 level of significance is there evidence of a relationship 7betweenAlternative Hypothesis Ha at least one j is different architectural and geographic location Ha not all j is equala What test procedure was used for doing this test ChiSquarec State the conditions and assumptions are requi
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