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Test Review 2

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Quantitative Methods
QMS 230
Douglas Mc Kessock

QMS 102 Review Included in Appendix A is an edited report of Toronto area AMD and Pentium PC computer prices published in the week of October 2, 2001. a]i] Construct a stem and leaf diagram of prices of all the AMD's advertised in the week. ii] Is the distribution of AMD PC prices skewed? c] On average, was the prices of a Pentium PCs more than $550 greater than the prices of an AMD PCs? d] 75% of AMD PCs have prices below what amount? e]i] On the scale below, construct a properly labelled “less than” ogive of Pentium PC prices. ii] On your graph above, indicate the median price of Pentium PC computers. f] What scale of measurement is "type of tower"? g] Which of the two types of PCs has a "relatively" more variable pr
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