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Quantitative Methods
QMS 230
Jason Chan

CH 1 sample population plus stemleftStatisticsSciencecollectingorganizepresentanalyzinginterpreting 2 make more effective decision Primarycollected by us better decision accurate costly time consumeSecondaryby someone else cheapfast inaccuratesample subset of popuParameter summary of popuStatistic SampleDescriptive statistics organize summarize present data in an informative way Inferential find out abt pop from a sample Qualitativecategoricalnominalno orderordinalin orderQuantitativeNumerical interval0 is somethingratiothe 0 is nothing discrete continuousstndstndSTEAM613 1 leaf at the beg n end MUST Twice 1 04 2 59 5 times 1 01 2 23 only space add a title steam 10100Barcode numbers in the team shirtnominal Chapter 2 Tables and graphsBar Chart the amount frequency or percentage of values in categoryPie charts best way to compare individual categories to the total Title legend and count BarhistogramSLpolygonogiveFRFCFDQuantitativeClass width 514 FrequencyDT divides quantitative data into ranges and records the count frequency of data in eachrangeRelative Frequency Compare the class frequencies in terms of fractional decimal or percent formif percent is 8 that RF is 008 RFFNtotal number available CumulativeFD Show a running total of the frequencies in the distributionHistrogram A bar graph of a frequency distribution with
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