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Retail Management
RMG 300
Norman Shaw

lChapter 1 y typical businesses operate by functional areas often called functional silos Each area undertakes a specific core business function y must understand information systems including Information systems basics Roles and responsibilities in information systems Measuring information systems success y information Systems IS are computerbased tools that people use to work with informa tion and that support the information and informationprocessing needs of an organizationy Information systems are most useful when they leverage the talents of people y management information systems MIS is the function that plans for develops implements and maintains IT hardware software and applications that people use to support the goals of an organization y When beginning to learn about information systems it is important to understand The difference between data information and knowledge IS resourcesIS cultures y data are raw facts that describe the characteristics of an eventy information is data converted into a meaningful and useful contexty knowledge when information can be enacted upony Is resource People useIt to work with Info y Is culture how info is usedInformationFunctional CultureEmployees use information as a means of exercising influence or power over others For example a manager in sales refuses to share information with marketing This causes marketing to need the sales managers input each time a new sales strategy is developed
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