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Retail Management
RMG 908
Shavin Malhotra

RMG908 Issues & Innovations in Retail Management II – W14 Customer Touchpoint Project - Individual Overview The success of a retail company is based on multiple factors but fundamentally success depends upon the level of a company’s insight into its customers and how this insight informs and drives management decision making. Two methods of assessing a retail company’s success are: 1) Financial Performance 2) Customer Experience These are not mutually exclusive indices of success – positive customer experience will result in purchases and loyalty leading potentially to good financial results which leads to investment in growing and improving the business in-order to provide continuous improvement in customer experience and continuing the cycle of success. This project asks you to take a deep dive into a retail company to understand the relationship between management decision making – customer experience – financial performance. You will be undertaking primary and secondary research to generate information on the company. This information will be analyzed and synthesized by you to understand the application of consumer insight to impact management decision processes. The Company You will select a publicly traded retail company. You must be able to experience the company as a customer. Timelines for the Project Wk 6 Feb 27 Project Briefing Wk 7 Mar 6 In Class Lecture on Financial Analysis of the Company Wk 12 Apr 11 Customer Touchpoint Project – hard copy is due in class & through turnitin.com Grades and Grading Rubrick Financial Analysis 10% Customer Touchpoint Map 10% Customer Journey Report and Recommendation 10% TOTAL INDIVIDUAL PROJECT 30% of course grade Grading Rubricks will be posted on blackboard site. Deliverables 1) Financial Analysis A 3 page report will analyze the past five year performance of the company. The report will address the following: • Revenue performance – what has contributed to growth or decline over the 5 year period • Profitability (or not) – explain how this was achieved • Margins, expenses, productivity measures – analyze these in relation to sales and
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