Midterm Review

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In order to manage customer perceptions of waiting, retailers can provide ways for
customers to occupy their time while waiting.
Which of the following is not a principle behind service design: The customer is always
Retailers can communicate a unique distinctive service image and positioning through the
symbolic cues provided in the servicescape.
Boundary spanners may experience emotional labor effects because their roles involve many
sources of potential conflict.
Its important to isolate and manage the behaviour of jay customers because they cause
problems for other customers and employees.
When a customer is sensitive to scents, the strong scent of a lush store would make the
experience distressing for them. This is because the strong scent is an unpleasant
environment for the customer and the increased arousal level makes it distressing.
The service profit chain links customer satisfaction and customer loyalty to both revenue
growth and profitability.
In order to implement their business strategy, service organizations develop internal
control systems. A belief system is oriented to obtaining commitment to core values.
The satisfaction and profitability of employees is integral to the service value experienced
by customers
A balanced scorecard provides ongoing information about for key strategic elements. The
information provided for each element includes: Objectives, measures, targets, and initives
Because services are intangible they are difficult to price, display or communicate
Cost co is an example of a service factory concept because it provides low levels of
interaction and customization to customers, with low labor requirements
According to the SERVQUALmodel, customers evaluate service quality according to:
Reliability, assurances, tangibles, empathy, ???
In order to close Gap 2, the standards gap, retailers need to gear management and
employee rewards to reinforce service quality standards
Retailers use service blueprinting to identify potential fail points in their service delivery so
they can focus attention
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