RMG 303 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Fair Credit Reporting Act, Industrial Unionism, Company Union

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A job description should be the first task in the hiring process. It leads to decisions about the amounts of education and experience required for the position. The personal characteristics of the applicant indicates how they will approach the job, what kind of attitude and demeanor the applicant has, and how well they are able to work with other team members. Personal characteristic involve the person"s level of creativity, interpersonal skills, communication styles, decision making styles, ability to work under pressure, careers goals or motivation level, energy level, and his or her overall attitude. Careerists: people who enjoy the industry and want to remain in it. Undecided: people who avoid the typical career issues by choosing to have a series of jobs rather than a career per se. Pass-throughs: people who have career goals in other occupations but are working in food service pr retail temporarily.