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Social Work
May Friedman

Susan StregaAntioppressive Approaches to Assessment and file recordingThis chapter critiques current practices in assessment and risk assessment in child welfare and describes alternation antioppressive approachesAnti oppressive approaches emphasize conducting assessments with children and families rather than about them are describedQuestions to considerWhat are the some of the problems associated with currently dominated approaches to assessment and how might these be avoidedHow can antioppressive theory be applied throughout all child welfare assessment proceduresWhat can anti oppressive assessment approaches contribute to developing positive helping relationships with child welfare clientsCurrent approaches to child welfare assessmentReich 2005 Holland 2000 Most child welfare workers expect parents to agree with their views on problems and solutions They are quick to label parents who disagree as hostile and uncooperativeIf a mother is willing to defer to the workers perspective and power made it more likely that would be able to keep her children
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