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Social Work
May Friedman

Social Work Activism Amidst NeoliberalismA big broad tent of ActivismMeagan Ross p 251264 time is shifting radical dismantling of social welfare therefore we need a radical approach to activism which means developing more inclusive and dynamic definitions of activism having all sectors come together to activism it is difficult for social workers to advocate becauseof the potential loss of employmentsocial workers caught in the bind caught between a desire to advance radical social work andneed not to jeopardize their jobs social justiceoriented social work is hto sustain due to the lack of space for advocacy and preventative interventions within workplacePurpose of activism social workers activism is aimed at changing the immediate environments and institutions harming the individuals and community with whom we work withother social work activism centered on actions targeted at the more structural lvl there needs to be a collective approach to activism comprised of mobilization of and alliance building bt grassroots movements of marginalized population p 253Activism has been narrowly defin
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