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SOC 103 Complete Final Exam Notes

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SOC 103
Tonya Davidson

SOC103How Society WorksSeptember 03 2013Sociology a term coined by Auguste ConteWhat is SociologyHenslin et al Simply put sociology is the disciplined study of human social behaviour especially the investigation of the origins classifications institutions and development of human society on a global level 2010 6the systematic study of social behaviour in human societies TeppermanLorne 2010 5the systematic study of human groups and their interactions Ravelli WebberPatterson 2011 4What is Society The Social 1 Society The sociologist thinks of society as denoting a large complex of human relationships or to put it in more technical language as referring to a system of interaction Peter Berger 1963 9 2 The Social as one in which people orient their actions towards one another The web of meanings expectations and conduct resulting from such mutual orientation is the stuff of sociological analysis Berger10Review 1 Who coined the term sociologyAuguste Conte2 Identify one of theSociologists study the socialSeptember 05 2013 What does it mean to think sociologically Critically consideringtaking for granted consumptions about how the world worksThe Sociological Imagination C Wright MillsOne of the key aspects to think sociologicallyYou can understand a relationship between private troubles eg unemployment abusive relationship and public issuesMills said that sociologists need to contextualize these troubles in a social context eg Spain unemployment being categorized as lazy but we must look at the broader economical contextWe should understand private trouble with broader context eg Abusive relationshipsMills sociological imagination is similar to feminist practice of consciousnessThe idea that sociological imagination also lead to straight bridges between personal biography and historyTalks about generational contact eg parents talking about kids these daysPeter Berger The Strange in the FamiliarLooking at social views in form of alien eg not recognizing what is being done in commercial people looking up and down in elevator The General in the ParticularWe have a moment of witnessing interaction bt homeless vs PoliceWe take from experience for asking broader informationMetaphor Assignment Sociological imagination is way of thinking How can you use something concrete as way of thinkingDefining Features of Sociology Three elements 3 1 Objects of AnalysisThey choose specific topicsResearch AreasResearch Topics Public Healthcare AgingResearch Questions eg Impact of homeless person owning petso Why do some HS students have goals of attending university while others do not o How do north American traditions re inscribe gender ideals o What is the history between urban and human pigeons2 Methods Qualitative Participant observation formal and informal interviews content analysisQuantitative Surveys Polls Questionnaires Key to distinguishing sociology to other disciplinesIs what makes sociology scientific 3 Social Theory1 Functionalism 2 Conflict Theory3 Symbolic InteractionismTheories are modelsideas to be testedTheorists heavily imply metaphors to explain social Three Classical Theories 1 FunctionalismTheories that try to explain the social world in terms of how it fits together and how each part helps the whole to run smoothly pg 6 2 Conflict TheoryTends to see the social life in terms of power and inequality focusing on the gap between the haves and the havenots in the social world pg 6 3 Symbolic InteractionismEmphasizes the social meanings actors give to and take from their own and others social behavior and how we need to understand these personal meanings if we are to understand their everyday actions pg 6September 10 2013 Introduction to Classical Social theoryHistorical ContextsEmilie DurkheimKarl MarxMax WeberWhat is Social TheoryTheories in sociology are abstract general ideas that help organize and make sense of the social world TeppermanCurtis 2009 p7 Attempt to link ideas with actual events Idea of abstract modelsSocial theorists observe social worldsselect dataAbstracts of daily lifeSocial theory is a mode of generalizing particulargeneral eg political froshTheorists can take this example and understand the prodigal rape culture we live in EPISTEMOLOGYways of knowing what is true what is knowledge Classical Social Theory 1840s1920s Inspired by the EnlightenmentsThe Enlightenment mid 1600s to early 1800s o Idea of rational though was current o Laid down epistemologyPolitical Revolutions AmericanFrench Revolution o American revolution 17751783Challenged ideas of historical authority o French Revolution 17891799Overthrowing French monarchPolitical systemsCapital o American and French revolution inspired more widespread adoption of democratic principle and rights of citizensIndustrial Revolution Began mid 1700searly 1990so Gave birth to factories o Western EuropeNorthern America o Development of cotton gin steam power other technologiesTHREE KEY EFFECTS
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