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SOC 103
Terry Roswell

CRB502Cultural Traditions in the CaribbeanMidterm ReviewDeciphering the CaribbeanUnited or Fragmented SocietyThe history of the region is one of fragmentation and separation and throughout that history the division within each territory has been compounded by the division across territories There is no such thing as a West Indian Flag A West Indian Anthem a West Indian capital city or even a West Indian governmentMainland countries GuyanaBelizeWhat is the Caribbean Caribbean can be defined as a meeting point Known as Antilles then West Indies then Caribbean A geographical locationthe British once called the region the Caribby Islands A group of people A body of waterth English began identifying body of water as Caribbean Sea since the 17 century A geopolitical region Implications of terms like West Indies or Caribbean Often defined as outsidersmisplaced region1904Monroe Doctrine Allows USA to exercise international police power in the CaribbeanThe Insular or EthnoHistoric CaribbeanCourse Conceptualization Synonymous with AntillesWest Indies includes GuyanaBelize as well as Bahamas and Bermuda Most often used definition Places emphasis on common experience of plantation driven economiesIndigenous People of Caribbean Various indigenous people before Columbus Impact of contact with Europeans Knowledge passed to EuropeansAfricans Indigenous legacies ArawaksTaino CaribsCalinagoColonialism Practice of intrusion settlement domination andor exploitation by one people over another peoplenation Generally refers to actions of EuroAmerican occupation of peoplesterritories around the world Features completely Eurocentric system imposes unequal relations between colonizercolonized Euroculture dominantindigenous culture destroyed Began in Caribbean in 1492still continues todayFrom Conquistadors to Settlers Colonies of exploitation and settlement
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