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Ryerson University
SOC 103
Terry Roswell

SOC 103 Ch1Sociological Perspectiveo What is sociology y Science of society y Why do we behave in a certain situation y is difficult to define and it is easier to explain what sociology does y involves looking for and looking at social patterns in social variables institutions and interactions y CWright Mills coined the term sociological imaginationo Introduction to sociology y Sees humans as social beingsy Most of our lives we interact with others and live in groups performing social roles y Production exchange y Small groups engage in direct facetoface interactions y Sociologists notice social patternsy They recognize that our personal exp Are affected by our class age gender etc y Sociological research enables us to discuss social issues in an informed and critical mannero Sociology as a Discipline y Sociology is a social science y It shares common interests with other social sciences such as psychology anthropology political science however it does distinguish itself from other disciplineso Difference between sociology and other Disciplines y How would psychology and sociology contrast in how they might lookhockey y Psychologylooks at the individualy Societylooks at the whole team y How might history and sociology contrast in how they might look at suicide y Historyreligious insight and socliving conditions social classo The sociological Perspective y Seeing the strange and familiary giving up the idea that human behaviour is simply a matter of what people decide to do y understanding that society shapes our decisions y Seeing individuality in social context y Emile Durkheims research on suicide showed that society affects even our most personal choices y more likely to commit suicide males wealthy unmarried y less likely to commit suicide females Jews pooro Emile Durkheim y Types of Suicide y egoistic suicide due to lack of social integration individualism and egoism y anomic suicide due to sudden change mainly economic bust or boom y altruistic suicide appears in traditional societies due to excessive social regulationo Durkheim and Suicide y In modern society people kill themselves because their lives are meaningless In y traditional society because death is made meaningful by values that make suicide honourable or obligatory y In India widows would commit suicide at death of their husbandsy Japanese Kamikaze pilots rammed American ships with explosivefilled planed fuelled for oneway flighto Benefits of Sociological Perspective y Helps us assess the truth of common sense yHelps us assess both opportunities and constraints in our lives yEmpowers us to be active participants in our society yHelps us live in a diverse worldo Importance of Global Perspective y Where we live shapes our lives ySocieties throughout the world are increasingly interconnected through technology and economic y Many problems that we face in Canada are more serious elsewhere y Thinking globally is a good way to learn more about ourselveso Development of Modern Sociology y Sociology emerged as an area of academic interest in Germany France England during 1800s ydeveloped as a response to dramatic social changes as a consequence of industrialization y Science y Comtes Stages Theological Metaphysical Scientific y Positivism A way of understanding based on science y Marginalized Voices
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