SOC 104 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Marxist Feminism, Ethnocentrism, Social Darwinism

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6 Sep 2013

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Mid term location: there will be two amc theatres for the mid-term; details to follow by the weekend. Review: you are responsible for all material covered in class, videos and assigned readings: Videos: march of the penguins; bushmen of the kalahari. Human behavior is patterned, predictable, the result of social forces. Small-scale interactions: individuals, families, small groups, localized. Populations, collectivities, and systems on a larger scale. Ability to go beyond personal issues and connect them to broader public issues of social structure and systems. Connecting the societal and historical forces to your own life. Psuedo-psychological- psychopathology as an individualist explanation for behavior. Moralistic: there s just bad people, ignores social forces ie. people commit crimes because theyre bad, made the wrong choices, etc. Margaret mead- anthropologist, human behavior, nature vs nurture, challenged biological view and concept of genetic inferiority/racism, adolescence as a social construct. Coming of age in samoa- adolescence and adolescent stress (adjustment period) as a social construct.