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Midterm exam review SOC111

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Ryerson University
SOC 104
Jean Golden

Soc 111 Mid-term test review sheet Fall 2012 Test Date: October 30, 10:10 Format: Multiple Choice, True/False and Short Answer Mid Term Location: there will be two AMC theatres for the mid-term; details to follow by the weekend. Review: You are responsible for all material covered in class, videos and assigned readings: Naiman: C. 1-3 Golden: 1-7 Videos: March of the Penguins; Bushmen of the Kalahari What is Sociology? -the scientific study of human behavior -why people do what they do -behavior in a social context - human behavior is patterned, predictable, the result of social forces Micro and Macro Sociology - small-scale interactions: individuals, families, small groups, localized - populations, collectivities, and systems on a larger scale Sociological imagination vs. common sense explanations -ability to go beyond personal issues and connect them to broader public issues of social structure and systems. Distinguish between personal problems and public issues. Connecting the societal and historical forces to your own life VS -biological perspective: biology and essentialism govern behavior -psuedo-psychological- psychopathology as an individualist explanation for behavior -moralistic: there‟s just bad people, ignores social forces ie. People commit crimes because theyre BAD, made the wrong choices, etc Margaret Mead- anthropologist, human behavior, nature vs nurture, challenged biological view and concept of genetic inferiority/racism, adolescence as a social construct -Coming of Age in Samoa- adolescence and adolescent stress (adjustment period) as a social construct. Is this nature or civilization? For comparison, studied adolescent girls on the island of Samoa. The youth there did not go through the distressed conflicted transition that western youth do. Sexual norms were different, freer. Experimentation with intimacy, premarital and casual. -Sex and Temperament in 3 Primitive Societies -Arapesh: pacifist and egalitarian gender roles -Mundugamor: egalitarian but violent -Tchambuli- no male dominance, men were decorated gender *gender roles vary between culture, no fixed behaviours roles FREEMAN- challenged Mead‟s findings, claims his experience with the Samoans countered everything Mead had written, she had misrepresented them, that nurture over nature was fake. Criticized her scientific method, how it was not indepth or long term. 1 Durkheim: Suicide is not individualist, there are patterns- SOCIAL INEGRATION (degree of tie to group) EGOISTIC suicide- weak social ties, poor integration, not belonging, individualization ALTRUISTIC – high integration with a group, suicide on behalf of a belief ANOMIC- alienation from changing world, inability to cope w/ rapid social shift, moral confusion, lack of direction (big economic fall maybe) -SOCIAL FACTS explain behavior- values, norms, structures that constrain the individual Major current sociological theories: Symbolic interactionism: - the looking glass self, we see ourselves as other see/treat us -interaction between people through language and reflexive thought -people are the creators of society, we make choices, not passive structural functionalism -common goals, values necessary for the system to survive -each part of a system is necessary to hold the system together -change in one part influences the whole system -change is gradual, eventually a new equilibrium -functions/dysfunctions, order, hierarchy -doesn‟t like conflict order theories vs. conflict theories -biological determinism/structural functionalism support current order -conflict theory, symbolic interactionism, feminism SEEK CHANGE Idealism and Materialism -idealism: the mind, idea, spirit is primary and the basic for the material world- internal, subjective phenomena focus -materialism- the material world is primary, consciousness is a property of matter >>led to seeking of physical and scientific explanations Society: group of people within a limited territory who share common behaviours, values, material objects (culture) and social institutions=coherent system Feminism (major concepts and focus) Identify gender inequality Document it Explain it Change it Genders are different and equal. 2.universal gender division of labour. 3 hierarchy of gender and biological difference. 4. Unequal access to power/privilege/prestige 5. Change conditions that cause this inequality. -Liberal feminism: inequality caused by socialization, role expectation damage s genders -Radical feminism: inequality problem is structural rooted in biological difference , women are subordinaded under the patriarchy- separatism? Elimination of men and traditional family structures -Marxist feminism: economic structures contribute to inequality power relationships between sexes that arose from class-based societies -Socialist feminism: combines radical and Marxist feminism, intersection of class and gender public sphere and private sphere , diversity and inclusivity and lived experience Research Process: steps, types of methods, issues 1. Choose research problem- review existing lit, state hypothesis, choose variables 2. Choose your population- sample of whole, random, non random 3. Choose research design- timeframe & type of data collection- original, secondary a. Original data acquired directly but unobtrusively. Surveys and interviews. Participant observation: complete participant (undercover), complete observer (distance), participant observer (people know). Experiments. b. Official data, historical records, comparative studies, content analysis 4. Collect data 5. Analyze data 6. Draw conclusions 7. Disseminate results Ethics and morality (you
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