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SOC 107 Study Guide - Final Guide: Capital Flight, Gentrification, Keynesian Economics

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SOC 107
Tonya Davidson
Study Guide

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SOC-107 Final Exam Notes
Emerging adulthood in our current moment seem as a prolonged youth Emerged with
pressures for prolonged schooling
Ageism prejudice or discrimination on the basis of a person (Robert Neil Butler)
homonormativity the straightening out or mainstreaming of sexual minorities
Hegemonic masculinity seen as powerful, practices that promote the dominant social position
of men, and the subordinate social position of women.
Heteronormativity the idea or implication that heterosexual is the only normal and natural
expression of human sexuality to the exclusion of all non-heterosexual identities, represents
heterosexual as fulfilling and positive, other forms as dangerous/ negative
Discursive knowledge obtained by reason and argument rather than intuition
Presentation of self social interactions are rituals that give both individuals and society
meaning, developed through small scale interactions
Goffman’s dramaturgical view Front: setting, personal front, appearance, manners. Back stage
planning for, prepare, working on front stage. Performance relies on consistency, knowledge of
a repertoire of fronts
Conspicuous consumption to show one’s social status of wealth
Commodity fetishism coined by Marx; the condition of modern capitalism where commodity
itself becomes viewed as an independent object with its own intrinsic value, rather than being
the end result of the work of other people. This is the process where the value of any
commodity comes to be reflected in its price, obscuring the social relations of its productions.
Refers to how practice of exploitation and the power dynamics of call relations are made visible
Racialization a process which race is attributed to a population of people, facilitating the
practice of racism against them
White solipsism assumption that only white values, interests, and needs are important and
worthy of attention, achievement of emotional and structural independence from its
interdependent with racialized others creating psychic distance between a population
identified as us and another identified as them
Degrouping racial other, racist constriction of aboriginal people, white imagined, puts feathers
in hair live in teepees, five totem poles in Ottawa, whit governments hoping they were
Democratic racism an ideology that permits and sustains two conflicting sets of values insists of
commitment to a democratic society motivated by egalitarian values of fairness, justice, and
equality. Conflicting with these liberal values are attitudes and behaviours consistent with
Colour blindness allows the avoidance of racist terminology and provides a variety of ‘rhetorical
shields’ against the allegation of racism, when pretend not to see race you pretend not to see
Civil inattention the act of appearing to be uninvolved in the affairs of others, individuals
engage in this behaviour when they are forced to recognize the presence of others but want to
avoid interaction with them
The tourist glazes a specific way of seeing the world that distinguishes a place, thing or
experience from the tourist’s everyday, fostered by broachers, books, and tour guides that
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