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SOC 202
Graeme Metcalf

What is Deviance?  Deviance is the recognized violation of culture norms and one category of deviance is crime: the violation of a society's formally enacted criminal code  Criminal deviance expands across a wide swath of behaviour ranging from a traffic violation of murder Deviance as Difference  What deviance actions or attitudes, whether negative or positive, have in common is some element of difference that causes us to think of another as "outsider" or "other" Deviance >Criminality  All of us are subject to the measure of social control: attempts by society to regulate our thoughts and behaviour  Our being governed-subject to social control-is dependant on the way in which our society is organized 3 Examples and Examinations of Crime 1. Title: The classical and Rational choice Perspective Definition: Crime in rational behaviour Why does crime occur: Because people choose to engage in criminal behaviour Reason: Choices based on hedonism, maximize benefit and minimize cost, crime is more attractive then being law-abid
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