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Midterm and Final Exam notes

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Ryerson University
SOC 202
Carmen Schifellite

- Representation truthiness chain of association make false statements sound like common - Capitalism supply and demand - Mythology context, chain of association support dominant val = naturalize - Ideology false statements sound like truth common sense = naturalize = power - Hegemony framing reality w dominat ideas unequal distribution of power = naturalize - Chapter 6: Identity and Body - Identity - Constructed - seem natural - Representation sense naturalized = power - ideological force that prescribes roles through signs - Subculture create resistant identities - Essentialist idnety is unchanging - grounding in nature = truth unquestionable - social constructivist identy constructed in culture and politics - Gender, Sexual Orientation and Race as markers of identity and social power - differences = cultural meanings that in turn have material effects - Decartes inseparability of mind and body o Perception in line with role of choice in consumer society o identity & agency capacity to shape own live to produce power and pleasure - Nature vs. nurture birth vs. envir shape personality - Freud: o selves articulate constructions o psychoanalysis identity dev for indiv integration in society o 1) recognition of sexual diff imposes social meaning on early desires: gender role o 2) acquisition of lang symbol mediates channel of desire into acceptable sexual orientation and gender identity o Oedioal conflict proper gender identification and sexual orientation o Repression = mechanism that shaped identiy while concealing it own origins f it
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