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Midterm notes

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SOC 202
Carmen Schifellite

Chapter 1 Popular culture Way of making sense, connect politics, ideas Culture lang, val past down generation Society change f conditions Popular - pwr = control = rank in society o Agency = illusion of choice Mass media, consumption, production Folk culture and mass culture Folk culture over time dev, face to face, life exp, authentic (not commercialized) Mass culture unknown audience, electronic cmn, goal = secure profit Hip hop: folk mass Capitalism Production and exchange = profit Private ownership = privatize Sell good Supply, demand Enable production of pop culture Competition naturalize = freedom, property Work hard = profit status File sharing Struggle in capitalism in pop culture Ppl vs. Corp Tech Representation of coffee Economic and social prac Context specific meanings, lifestyle Meaning qualitative: cultural associations = val Tim Hortons Canadian, reliable, fam val, traditional, functional, cheap = use val Atmosphere not as good = use vs. Exchange Chapter 2 Redefining cultural spaces Change in space w change in ecn Change relationship b work and play separate spaces (public and private) Ppl dont connect anymore Industrialization Urbanization Transition f agricultural small society org mechanical production Changein modeof production (generating necessities) andrelationsof production division of labour growth Labour detached focused labour f product small hr wages New modes of production Fordism assembly line labour = efficient o Social org discipline, uniformity, atomization Low wages work longer Work discipline punch clock Poverty = personal failure moral weakness The production of working class Mythologies indiv effort rewarded w economic and social success
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