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SOC 202 Notes (lecture, textbook, + exam) taken Fall 2011

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Ryerson University
SOC 202
Graeme Metcalf

Introduction to SOCCULTURAL STUDIESPOP CULTMonday January 17 20111242 PMSociology is more quantitative whilst cultural studies are more qualitativeCultureAccording to Socioshared experiences or a particular way of lifeAccording to POPCULTRay Williams Intellectual work that produces meaningLargely technology based however technology is nothing newprinting pressMore and more ways to communicate new forms ofsocialization decrease privacySocialization the way we participate and learn about the worldPrimary aspects of cultureLearned linked to a socialization process in which we learn about1Rooted in a series of gestures and symbols arbitrarily attached with meaning learned2Shared Collective embodiment of a whole3WHOLE no one person can be a culture4Groups Outside mainstream5Counter largely politicaliSubculture largely socialiiFolkculture historical primitive traditionalSuch as the AmishHighculture based in western PhilosophyIdeas around enlightenmentIs congruent with the academyAcademy university college museums galleriesIntellectual light on art literature musicMassculture based in productionAppeals to the greatestof people possibleNot interested in being critically acclaimedPotential for quantity and profitsEnd result is POP CULTURECulture Industry Hollywoodnetwork mainstream televisionIs predictableProduces temporary connectivityForm of social controlBinary artHighLowText can be anythingKitsch anything we consider to be in bad taste or tackyKey Sociological PerspectivesOrganization Capitalist economic systemCESSystem of wage laborCommodityProfitFunctionalism uses CES as it makes senseorderlystable11920 Emile DurkeimConflict Theory argues that we accept inequality however that inequality arrives2 POP CULT Page 1 Conflict Theory argues that we accept inequality however that inequality arrives2Karl MarxMax WeberSocialism battleground over resourcecapitalBattle over means of productionCommunismMarxismMarx social inequality is based in class Accept functionalism because of false consciousnessWe believe things are in our best interest conditionedIdeology universal truths a group of ideasbeliefslawspoliciesHegemony 2 part system coercionconsentAntonio Gramsci wondered how functionalismideologies were not questionedCoercionThe state power sourceConsentAdherence to lawspoliciesWeber Marx is too 1 dimensional social inequality arrives in class but also status prestige socialpowerPolitical influenceGrass roots politics community based activismHighly organizedGet things done without political powerLouis Althusser When the system of ideologyhegemony work together the result is people being interprellantInterprellation cease to exist as individuals per se but become ideal subjectSociological imagination when we connect our lives to that of othersDraw connection bw historyexperienceRecognize the realization that the person is the political POP CULT Page 2
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