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SOC 202 Study Guide - Neoliberalism, Commodity Fetishism

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SOC 202
Tonya Davidson

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The development of technology is a remarkable aspect of society as it
permitted advances in many different areas One of the most obvious field where
the advances of technology is demonstrated is in the field of media. There now
better graphics, better sound recordings, new filming techniques due new
equipment, and how we can easily access different kinds of media wherever we
are. Thanks to all of these benefits, many different companies and corporations
are now trying step into fields where they are not known for to maximize their
An example of such company would be Apple. Apple started out as a
company of which focused on creating computers but now there is an Apple
product for mobile phones, television, music player, personal management device,
and even watches. All of which are products produced to provide a way for the
company to have a way of profiting in the respective field of media. But this all
changed when schools decided to incorporate these products of media into the
education system and to be more specific, the iPad. Recently, some schools across
Ontario decided to start a pilot program where they will provide student with
iPads with believes that it will build towards successful and efficiently learning.
Personally, I do not believe this method will be effective as the iPad brings many
negative of media along with it. With the introduction of iPad to classrooms, it
also faces the various cultural effect of globalization, the privatization effect of
neoliberalism, and the effects of commodity fetishism.
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