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Popular Culture - complete course notes

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SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

POP CULTUREIt is hard to pin down as it is always changing shape location tasksfunctionsConsists of products texts and traditional common practises beliefs and ways of lifeInformed by both commercial and high culture perspectives the tensions between the two are fundamental to pop cultureWHY STUDY ITInfluence of social and political changeUbiquity omnipresence of pop cultureit is everywhereIdentityto understand what affectsshapes who we arePowerpleasure BigC Culture a way of life based on the traditional past that is defined by the powerful and privileged elitists through highend creative productions eg opera as opposed to the publiclyaccessible activities that are mainstream culture eg sports movie theatresCulture broad understanding of society that is viewed as a way of life and everyday ritualspractises that define us both collectively and in distinct groups and the meanings that people attach to these activitiesMass media falls outside elite culture and everyday practises and is dangerous to culture as a corrupting force due to the motivation of profitthe corruption of the authentic roots of culture by the entertainment industry eg the dumbing down of media for the dumb public massesPopular defined through quantity of the everyday people ratings size of audiencesConvergence when media products and services intersect blurring the lines between mass and elite culture due to accessibilityTechnical convergencedigitization that changed the available transmission format becoming the principle way of storing and delivering to customersFunctional convergenceemphasis on services and products rather than transmissionsmultimedia and hybrid services are most important voice data image and text functions in cell phonesCorporate convergencemedia organizations operate across different industries eg Rogerssport media print3 main components of pop cultureConsumption and productionwhat audiences consumeFolk cultureidentifiable traditional practises passed down from generations eg family recipes storytelling vs Mass culture unidentifiable aimed at the largest possible audiencePowerassociated with the accessibility privilege etc that is important in he production purchase access and definition of cultureGeneral themes of pop culturePolitical economy and cultural studies The study of the social relations particularly the power relations that mutually constitute the production distribution and consumption of resources Mosco 1006Ownership and control examines how media and culture influence the power that comes a Within the mass mediathe patterns of ownership and control that influence production content and consumption b Beyond the mass mediacultural institutions art galleries theatres museums and community organizationsMarxist roots social economic and class relations create cultural relationswealth privilege and elite statuscultural power and money CULTURAL STUDIES4 characteristics of cultural studiesDominant cultureexamines the influential force in constructing and reinforcing ideologies and discourses through mass mediaIdeologies common sense ways we think about reality setting boundaries for what is acceptableDiscourses how ideologies are carried outexpressed through language and actionsInterdisciplinary focususes theories and methods from many social sciencesEmphasis on connectionsthe context and reasoning is important for understanding cultureEmphasis on the subjectiveobservations made by individuals are biased making us the narrators our experiences and perceptions are subjective
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