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Midterm Notes

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SOC 202
Stephen Muzzatti

Populate Culture Business - Popular Culture is a big business o It is a multi-billion dollar business industry Which include cellphones, interest, dinner, holiday o It is looking at the content of pop culture, both the consumption and production o We should recognize that pop culture is new It is not a cultural but an economic phenomenal Example: Google linking with YouTube o We should engage in binary consumption o Artificial narrative: it is an art, that is about visual art - Frankrit School o People were affected by the Notsi and fled Germany o Cultural Industries Thesis Standardization/Pseudo Individualisation Standardization: for something to be popular culture it must fit into the narrow category o If the product doesnt fit, it doesnt fit into popular culture Pseudo Individualisation o The couple song o It is something that we feel in specialization, its a product and thousands of people think it is specials and its a mass produced product Counter Revolutionary It is about the status quote o When you accept the inherent inequality o Inequity: Economic, Social Class, Gender, Racial Resistance There is very little opportunity resistance in popular culture There is a dynamic tension between undergrad culture and counter culture Undergrad: Counter Culture: Sometimes comes from popular culture - Power wishes to maintain itself, there are also threats to power and the way power deals with the threat, include two ways: o Eliminate the threat because it wants to maintain the power control o Appropriation: power engages with the threat and stops it It takes the threat, it strips it, and white washes it and present it back to is There is no content, but there is just the shell - The speed of reproduction of culture is faster than before - Cultural Industries doesnt just produce products but are also consumers for those products o Crisco (shortening used for baking) Made by Propter and Gamble It is something that some use and some dont This company needs cotton sea oil If consumers use cotton sea oil, the cost of it would be cheaper when buying the product in a bundle (huge volume) They made Crisco, because the company need cotton sea oil and if consumer is product and they used marketing techniques Celebrity chef, restaurants, product displacement They made a product within a year- As society, we should separate wants and needs o Which of these should you buy and not buy - Media & Socialization o Socialization: it is a lifelong process(ongoing process), which you learn about the cultural truth, a socialization process, we learn the values, beliefs and benefits o There are four major agency, for teaching us: Education, family, friends and Media there is no important and all the four agencies are equal the family is the first agent Mass Media is very objective Media is very diverse, it is the same thing as a blockbuster movie o Hyperaemic Needle Model (direct effect model) One of the earliest theories Gabaral Tard talked as the the direct effect model It tells that it has a direct message to the audience Respiratory illness (wind or air) Disease of crime, follow the telegraph o They follow the media o Telegraph (was a way to communicate media, a way to telling news) Copycat crime o Person say something and people they do it (the straight razard lovers o Minimal Effect Model Made by Luzafa Looks at news (media message which were
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