SOC 202 Study Guide - Final Guide: Year 2000 Problem, Mental Disorder, Classical Hollywood Cinema

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12 May 2016

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Checklist: key concepts to review from the first half of the semester. Combines theories from both the conflict approach and symbolic interaction paradigms. Examines gaps between empirical reality (objective) and lived experience (subjective). Hegemony is a process: how dominant groups maintain power over subordinate groups by gaining their support, maintains consensus for ideology of dominant groups. Mills coined the term sociological imagination to refer to the principle goal that scholars and students of sociology should strive to achieve. 4 key attributes: seeing the general in the particular, seeing the odd in the familiar, seeing patterns, not taking anything for granted. The sociological imagination plays out in 3 principle ways: individual society, biography history, self world, microsociology > < macrosociology. The frankfurt school: negative view of popular culture, entertainment industry tells people what to think, watch, buy, value and believe. Characteristics of popular culture: standardization, pseudo-individualization and conformity, reproduces capitalist ideology (incorporates and commodifies resistance).

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