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SOC 203
Tonya Davidson

SOC203 – Last Class before Exam - There is a strong correlation between socioeconomic status and success in education - This can be because schooling is expensive Functionalists model: Believe that education has 2 functions: 1. Socialization: you learn how to be decent, Canadian citizens, learn to liste to authority, put your hand up etc.. 2. Capacities: important to know how to read and do math, so the future is good Believe society is good and functional and interested in keeping status quo. The believe the education system is useful and largely unproblematic. Allocation: 1. Education is necessary because it produces people that can fit all the roles we need in the future. Ex. some people become firefighters, etc.. so educate to fit the needs of the society. Conflict theory approach: Education is working with capitalists mode of production. Produces a mass group of people that are docile, compliant future labourers. They are going to accept their own exploitation. This can be seen in education system: How people are taught to obey authority, and the logic of competition which is found in capitalists. Hidden curriculum: how the educational system is fundamentally ideological. The unwritten goals of school life. Ex. school life – must important sport is football, which celebrates men and their physical power. Idea of individual achievement, as opposed to collective education/goals. Authors: Educational system contributes to social inequality. Theories:  Social inequalities can be reduced or challenged when it comes to 1.resources 2. Contexts 3. cultures and expectations.
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