SOC 300- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 33 pages long!)

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It is your access or lack of access to resources. Refers to the difference between those who have access to resources as opposed to those who do not have access to resources. Your relationship to the means of production shapes one"s access/lack of access to resources. Definition from the textbook: relatively long lasting differences amongst groups or individuals that have implications for individual lives, especially for the rights or opportunities they exercise or the rewards and privileges they enjoy. These inequalities are due to opportunities distributed differentially in society on the basis of things such as class, age, gender, ethnicity and race. Underemployed, people working part-time but really want full-time, people on temporary or contract work finding themselves laid off for periods of time. Cannot collect unemployment insurance when they are laid off. Female-headed households, people who are new immigrants, disabled, students, seniors. Anyone in relative poverty is everybody in the secondary labor market, just below the poverty line.