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29 Mar 2018

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Google, etc) are leading to more frequent plagiarism among students. Californian ideology : this new faith has emerged from a bizarre fusion of the cultural bohemianism of. San francisco with the hi-tech industries of silicon valley the californian. Ideology is marked by the do-gooder, humanitarian and utopian rhetoric typical of liveral/leftist politics: for ex. Claims that the internet and digital media will save the world, . Make it a better place, spread democracy, etc: on the other hand, the cali. Ideology is shaped by fiercly pro-market, anti- regulation doctrinal beliefs and commitments characteristic of right-wing politics and parties: for ex. Google and facebook have both vehemently resisted the eu"s efforts to regulate their operations. Ideology and barlow"s decleration of cyberspace have (partly) succeeded in claiming digital and online culture as the fruits of the private industry alone: we need to be skeptical of discourses (like those emanating from the californian.

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