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SOC505 - Sociology of Sport - Midterm 1 Prep (Everything you need to know!!)

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SOC 505
Nicole Neverson

ISociologyADefinition 1Study of social behavior of individuals groups organizations institutions communities and societies 2Sociology focuses on the links between different aspects of society eg family and the economy religion and politics medicine and law etc 3Sociology also considers social inequality social mobility and social justice BSports Sociology Sports sociology considers the relationship between sports and society Sports as a microcosm of society How culture and values influence sport How sport influences culture and values Sports and media politics economics religion race gender youth etc Sports and social inequality social mobility National Velvet gender inequality Hoop Dreams racial inequality social mobility Happy Gilmore Water Boy ethnic inequality Casey Martin vs PGA Tour disability CSociological Concepts 1Culturethe patterns traditions rituals habits values and beliefs of a society 2Subculturea distinct subunit of a culture often delimited by gender age race ethnicity class religion politics sexual orientation 3Hegemony nounthe tacitly accepted power and dominance of a given subculture value or belief pg 31 Week 2 Sonya The Black Widow Thomas Meatball EatingCompetition is all manSonya is in a competition that does not have many womenShe enjoys going against men in a sport dominated by them hence her nameFood eating competition is seen as a sportThey train the same way an athlete would and prepare before a competitionThere is a fan base and arena announcer cameras and all with play by plays for something that is not usually seen as a sportWomen are seen as the underdog heroesDisappointments exist just like any other sport IE Sonya was disappointed she did not get eat as many meatballs as she wantedHow do we define sports Traditional PerspectiveInstitutionalized competitive activities that involve rigorous physical exertions or the use of relatively physical skills by participants motivated by internal and external rewardsPhysical activityUsually arbitrary because there no objective rules on how physical an activity can be to qualify as a sport CompetitionDifferent from individualisticcooperative activitiesInstitutionalizationActions relations and social arrangements become patterned or standardized over time and from one situation to another leading to organizational structures o Rules Regulatory agencies set the rules organizational and technical aspects of the activity become important Records training etclearning of the game skills become formalizes coaches teachers trainers dieticians physiciansMotivation internal and external rewards o Internal Expression spontaneity and the pure joy of participation o External Displaying physical skills in public and receiving approval status or material rewards in processTwo ways to distinguish sports o Playan expressive activity done for its own sake o Dramatic spectacleperformance that is intended to entertainAlternative PerspectiveNot everyone has the same way of looking at sports since it leads us to devalue the lives of people who do not have the resources and the desire to develop formally organized and competitive activities What activities do people in societies consider sports Whose sports count the most in a society when it comes to obtaining supportresourcesSports are contested activitiesActivities for which there are no universal agreements about meaning purpose and organization
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