SOC 603 Study Guide - Final Guide: Heterosexuality, Glass Ceiling, Femicide

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6 Sep 2013

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Idealized family: nuclear patriarchal family, father as breadwinner and head of the household (impossible for most of history). Convert them to christianity and patriarchy (giving men the power in families), introduce male violence. Farming and domestic labour overlapped, men and women"s labour roles were similar because everyone"s labour was necessary, including children"s. Industrialization started it required industrial labour- this divided labour spheres into the public workforce and the private home sector. Divorce and diverse family forms (gay and single parents) are a threat to the family. Kin-ordered: everyone in the community was extended family. Matriarchal (female-headed), matrilineal (always part of your mother"s clan), They refused to convert, refused to marry, or escaped. Many settler men abandoned their families and married aboriginal women. Women"s (white middle class) right to vote, prohibition of alcohol. Until ww2, what families could have a male breadwinners and a stay at home wife? middle-class and up working class women didn"t have the luxury of staying home.