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Ryerson University
SOC 606
Kelly Train

Mid Term exam Review a. what were aboriginal societies like i. what was their family structure: kin ordered societies( all knew each other), married outside of their clan to establish friendship and trade relations, elders more valued, matriarchal, matrilocal, matrilineal, children seen as next adults and also valued so were women, women had power over food and decisions, egalitarian values. ii. economic org: was hunting, gathering , foarging iii. how did people live: foraging families, nomadic society( followed seasons, once food wsa done theyd move) did not value material possession. b. why were French women under the French rule encouraged to come to Canada? - Monarch in france was concerned with aborg+French marriage c. what happened to women’s legal rights and their status after the British conquest? i. did it go up or down?/did they lose or gain rights? d. in pre-industrial (farming Canadian families) how were women’s work viewed in the home in relationship to the family ? - every family member was seen as important even the women e. what did the gender division labour mean in farming societies? i. what was women’s and men’s role and work in farming societies?? f. in early industrial period what were married women expected to do in terms of labour? - - Married women worked at home-piece work for the garment industry g. what were children expected to do in terms of labour? - The employment of children was more important they were either expected to do their dads profession or if they were a female help the mother. h. at the turn of the century, what were unions fighting for? - -white male unioun’s – upset over anyone else joining uniouns - Frighting for more rights,wages,support,and salary for them! i. what is a living wage and what does it refer to? j. at the turn of the century, what was societies respond to improverished female headed household?- dociety looked down upon you i. how did u support yourself if your husband drop dead? ii. what were your options? iii. what were the structures? k. series of question on separation of private and public sphere - Private sphere was seen as leisure-Public sphere was seen as male sphere there was aBreadwinner ideology - Private sphere= only women, public sphere = only male - Private sphere =home management, child rearing - Women discouraged through media, magazines talking about roles of women, women had to stay home and make sure your child grows up right - Magazines gave advice to women about childrearing, if you worked you were known as a bad mother – there was a scientific management of home in the public school system a management of home=creation of domestic science at school - how did the role of children change when we moved from farming society to an industrial society? - In farming society children were seen as important and atreated as adults for help on teh farm they changed from a source of production to a source of consumption what were first wave feminists (suffragettes) fighting for? -Mandated factory act if you were a boy could not work unil 12, girls cannot until 14 -Argued women should be limited for working 10 hours a day bcuz unhealthy for womens child bearing capacities, ignored out of economic need for families l. mechanical and organic solidarity mechanical solidarity—preindustrial traditional: informal measures of social control-people lived in small communities o people regulated work through informal means o public humiliationpeople did jobs in society out of sense of duty/obligation o people self governed obligation to people in family, communities and neighbours - Organic Solidarity-modern o people do not know each other o no sense o
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