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SOC 808 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Urban Agriculture, Trail Mix, Food Sovereignty

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SOC 808
Jacqui Gingras
Study Guide

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Midterm #2 Questions!!!!
Question 13 What has led to the fisheries crisis
Answer: E , dietary preferences, overcapacity of huge vessels and boating equipment, lack of
management, oversight and government regulations, economic needs
Question 14 Which one of the following negatively impact the environment of our food system
Answer: D , food production, primary production, retailers
Question 15 What was rated the most popular eatery at Ryerson in 2014?
Answer: D , Okhlam Café
Question 16 What are examples of popular pseudo healthy foods
Answer: D all of the above , trail mix, fruit yogurt, pre packaged salads
Question 17 Food sovereignty is not..
Answer: E, the leading cause of obesity
Question 18- Which of the following is NOT a critique of the healthy menu choices act (2015)?
Answer: D , it helps teens and young adults make healthy food choices
Question 19 Providing only the calorie count on the menu perpetuates which false understanding of
Ans: b and c
Question 20- Which of the following factors does not contribute to the state of food insecurity?
Answer: cookbooks
Question 21- In the eyes of advertisers, what group of individuals is marketing the most effective?
Answer: Children’s/teens
Question 22 Which of the following are major food GMO crops?
Answer: all of the above
Question 23- Which of the following countries has banned the cultivation and importation of GM
products from their country entirely?
Ans: Russia
Question 24- What percentage of the countries in the world face a medium risk of food security
Answer: 10%
Question 25- Which of the following are negatively impacted by climate change?
Answer: Food, Animals, rainforests, oceans, All of the above
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