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Ryerson University
SOC 808
Jacqui Gingras

Soc 808Format Exam Notes and Potential QuestionsFORMAT70 multiple choice questions 7 from each chapterKey definitions and conceptsPOTENTIAL QUESTIONSChapter 121Which of the following would be considered an economic or political determinant of our food environmentaAll of the above2How do supermarkets increase sales of pseudofoodsaAll of the above3What is the French ParadoxaNutrition is not the only determinant to health4What is wrong with market foodsaHigher in calories5What caused the food crisisaThe conversion of vast amounts of agriculture land to grow crops for the production of biofuelsChapter 136What is the nutrition transitionaPopulations that have experienced growing rates of poor nutrition and chronic diseases as aresult of unhealthy foods7Indigenous peopleaA and b 8Traditional aboriginal cultures believe a healthy diet is created throughaTradition values and a connection to the environment9What are the enormous amounts of waste that are created as a result of the extraction processes used by oil companiesaTailings10Which of the following does not describe the French Paradox perspective of nutritionaConsuming a French diet is bestChapter 1411Which of the following is an issue that the Food sovereignty perspective sees with the antipoverty perspectiveaIt views only poor people as being vulnerable to a food crisis12What is the goal of food sovereigntyaAll of the above13What is antipoverty perspectives beliefaOnly the poor are at risk for food insecurity14Which of the following is not a component of the antipoverty approach of food securityaImplementing a topdown initiative approach15Obesogenic isaBoth a and bNOTESChapter 6Two Great Food RevolutionsReviewed the process of food revolutionsFood Revolution 1The first revolution gave us agriculture and animal husbandryHunting and gatheringOccurred over the last 10000 yearsFood Revolution 2Began in 1945 and continues todayCombines the mechanical chemical and biotech revolutions which together enable global capitalism to increasingly enter and control the food systemAgriculture becomingcapitalistThe United States food provisioning system is at the centre of this revolution and corn is the largest and most important crop grown in the United StatesCapitalism gained control over agriculture very late in its history because some general features of capitalism do not fit well with agriculture and because some general features of agriculture in the United States and Canada made it resistant to capitalism until after the Second World WarField labour and workers conditionsA strong though arguable case can be made that ultimately profits depend on getting workers to give maximum effort for minimum pay so that each worker produces more value than he or she receives back in the form of wagesMarx called the difference between value created by workers and the value they receive back as wages exploitation such that the higher the rate of exploitation the greater the profitsConsequences of AgricapitalOnce there is a surplus a dominant class may take control of most of it and thereby take control of socioeconomic lifeCapitalisms emphasis on profit means human health environmental health and social justice are ignored unless they affect profit or unless laws require that these be consideredWhat did the food surplus affordFirst a food surplus made it possible for increasing numbers of people to be freed from the work of food production who might then focus on for example craft production art politics religion or warSecond surplus food enabled the population to grow in relatively permanent settlements that could trade food and crafts with other settlements and thus develop a degree of specializationThird food surpluses presented the possibility of class stratification In other words by systematically taking over most social surplus one class could come to be dominantFourth state functions could begin to emerge as the dominant class generated a key decisionmaking group that would make and enforce laws collect taxes promulgate religion and make warWhat is an externality
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