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SOC 885
Zahra Hojati

1. Dars/ Halagah: dars is the Arabic word for study and halagah is a study circle. They are occasions for religious lessons, generally with a trained leader, leaving plenty of time for questions, debate and discussion. Although many of these halagahs vary around the world they all have one common goal, to spread the knowledge and better understanding of Islam and issues regarding Islam.-haddad and smith argue that these durus are a great way for women to have a voice and take that leadership role in the mosque. 1. Women-led prayers-started with an African American woman who shocked the entire Muslim and non-Muslim community by leading the Friday prayers at a mosque. The women and men were not segregated but prayed together. This was not the norm in Muslim religion. Well more so culture, because there is not proof in Islam that shows any segregation between men and women during worship. Prayers are usually led my imams in the mosque or men at home or wherever else a group of people may pray. So having a woman lead the prayer stirred up a lot of controversy.-haddad and smith RRAWA: revolutionary association of the women of Afghanistan. Most references to Muslim or Afghani women were yoked to reference to the Taliban. They referred to these women as victims-fleeing Afghanistan, being oppressed by the Taliban, or resisting the Taliban. Those two cases are representatives of the RAWA.-Jiwani 1. Sanctuary: it is a place where Sufis go to find peace and be closer to God. these places vary through the world however they all have one thing in common, the saints presence is hosted there, because it is his tomb, a place he inhabited, or the site of an event in his life. Mernissi argues that this place is almost an escape for these women who feel very inferior to men. it offers a dramatic contrast to women’s situation in a bureaucrati
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