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Guide for Lección 1 and 2

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SPN 101
Jacqueline Smith

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SPN 101 - Spanish Test Leccin 1 Genders o Most nouns that end in o or denote males are masculine. Exceptions are dia (day) and mapa (map). o Most nounds that end in a or denote females are feminine Exceptions are mano (hand) o Some masculine nouns end in o have a corresponding feminine form ending in a: el secratario la secretario o When a masculine noun ends in a consonant, you often add a to obtain its corresponding feminine form: el doctor la doctora o Some nouns have the same form for both genders : el estudiante la estudiante. These cases you can tell by the el or la. Colours o Amarillo yellow o Verde green o Gris grey o Blanco white o Rojo red o Negro black o Anaranjado orange o Moradovioleta purple o Marron brown o Azul blue o Rosado pink o Plural forms of nouns o Singular nouns are made plural by Adding s to words ending in a vowel Adding es to words ending in a consonant
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