Behavioural Sciences BHS402 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Applied Behavior Analysis, Stimulus Control, Positive Behavior Support

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Behavioural Sciences BHS402
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PBS Quiz Review
1. What are the three levels in (order) to the pyramid model?
Universal, Secondary and Tertiary.
2. What are the components to each level?
Universal= Nurturing and responsive relationships + High quality supportive
classroom environments.
Secondary= Targeted social emotional supporters
Tertiary= Intensive individualized interventions
3. What is the pyramid model?
A positive behavioural intervention and support framework that early educators
use to promote young children’s social and emotional development and
prevent/address challenging behaviours.
4. Expand on Nurturing/responsive relationships
- Supporting children’s play
- Respond to children’s conversations
- Praise and encouragement
- Building relationships with children and their families
5. Expand on High quality supportive classroom environments
- Adequate materials
- Balanced schedules
- Defined play centers
- Instruction for children who need support
- Structured transitions
- Clear directions
- Design activities that will engage every child
6. Expand on targeted social emotional supporters
- Teach kids to identify and express emotions
- Teach strategies to handle anger and disappointment
- Teach support problem solving
- Teach/support friendship skills
- Teach/support collaboration w/ peers
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