Business Management Degree BMT550 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Neoclassical Economics, Habitat For Humanity, Profit Motive

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Scope of the np (non-profit) sector in ontario and canada. Often called the third pillar (public and private enterprise) Must be incorporated and registered to receive tax exempt" status. Purely" social mission do not operate in the market selling goods and services. Limited ability to generate revenue must be subordinated to the mission. Funds are sourced from donations, sponsorships (corporate), and grants from foundations. Agriculture, dairy farmers, egg farmers: worker owned co-ops purpose/mission is to provide employment for its members. Differences between a co-op and a for-profit publicly traded corporation. Number of shares = determines the value of your vote. How can business create shared value: the more b engages in csr the more it is blamed for societal problems. The perception of value is limited to maximizing short term financial performance while ignoring long term sustainability. The depletion of resources which are vital inputs is increasing. Ignores the economic distress of communities in which they produce and sell.