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Business - Marketing
Business - Marketing ACC120
Lorna Martin- Scriver

Yasaman Motamedi Joanna Najab SSC 100 ZG 4 February 2014 Tim Hortons:Competitions In 2009, Tim Hortons’market share dropped by about 3% and McDonalds share went up by 5% when they started to serve coffee. In 2012, Star Bucks corp. started to have a better advantage when they began serving Blonde roast blend which is a lighter version of their normal coffee. Therefore Tim Hortons came up with new strategies to compete with their rival companies in U.S. and Canada. By introducing new items on the menus and in the stores and their brand new coffee. In the past few years Tim Hortons has started to serve espresso coffee drinks and Panini sandwiches in their locations and they sell their products to Tassimo and Keurig single serve machines for home / office use. They are the leading company in quick-serve restaurant for their breakfast sandwiches and are trying to be the leader in for lunch as well. The most recent after 49 years Tim Hortons Canada’s largest coffee and donut chain of serving medium roast coffee Tim Hortons has started testing a new coffee blend -dark roast. With the idea that people are getting more knowledgeable about the coffee that they drink and the new taste will bring new customers and gives a new taste to the regular ones. As of Nov. 04, the new dark roast coffee blend will be sold in 80 branches of Tim Hortons in Ohio and 70 branches in London as a test market. “Tim Hortons Canadian store network has tapped out, and the days of growth have stopped, so they have got a variety of initiatives to try to get their customers coming back. Their attempt to try to gain more traction, stop the attrition and solidify where they stand is very important now. Because as McDonald's grows, if Tim Hortons' share of coffee keeps dropping they will be in trouble. (Doug Fisher, president of Toronto-based food service consulting firm FHG International). After they started testing the new coffee Toronto star posted some of the opinions of people that rated five coffee at regular basis in the news. Some of them thought it didn’t taste that different, some said it was a little stronger but they grew a custom to it, or the strong taste doesn’t make it bitter, or I cannot really differentiate between this coffee and other coffees that I enjoy and was said they will buy definitely buy it when and if Tim Hortons makes it available in all locations. Astar bucks lover said that the Tim Hortons new coffee tasted almost the same
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