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Seneca College
International Accounting and Finance Degree
International Accounting and Finance Degree BAB905
Glenmore Brown

Project Integration Management - deliverable for the P integration mgmt knowledge areas, used to coordinate all P PL doc & help guide P’s execution & control. Project Management Plan • Intro/overview of project • Project organization • Management & technical process • Work to be performed • Schedule information • Budget information • References to other project planning documents Project Scope Management – determine how scope’s defined, validated & controlled. Scope Management Plan • PL, tracking & reporting req • Perform configuration mgmt. activities, such as initiate, analyze, authorize, track & report changes to req • Prioritizing req • Using product metrics • Tracing req Collect Req • Req Traceability Matrix (RTM) – table listing req, various attributes of each req & status of req to ensure they’re all addressed • Ways to collect req: interview stakeholders, questionnaires & surveys Sample RTM Req # Name Category Source Staus Define Scope – helps improve accuracy of time, cost & resource estimates; defines baseline for performance measurement & P control; aids in communicating clear work responsibilities. • Scope statement – should include: product scope description, product user acceptance criteria & detailed info in all project deliverables Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) – deliverable oriented grouping of work involved in a P that defines total scope of P. • Breaks all work req into discrete activities & groups into logical hierarchy (lowest level of WBS is called work pkg) Approaches to developing WBS • Guidelines – important to follow them. Ex: Department of Defense (DOD) P req contractors to prepare proposal based of DOD-provided WBS • Analogy Approach – Use similar project’s WBS as a starting point • Top-down – break down LRG deliverables into subordinate items • Bottom-up – Identify as many specific activity related to completing the P as possible • Mind mapping – technique of branching core ideas/ groups to structure thoughts & ideas Project Time Management – process req to ensure timely completion of a P Schedule Management Plan – determine the policies, procedures & doc for planning, developing, managing, executing & controlling the P schedule. • Scheduling methodology & tools used to create schedule model, if req • Level of accuracy req for activity duration estimates • Units of measure; staff hours, days or weeks • Variance thresholds for monitoring schedule performance (deviation from baseline) • Formats & frequency for schedule reports • Descriptions of each of the other schedule mamgt processes Defining Activates • Activity attributes – Schedule-related info about each activity: procedures, successors, logical relationships, leads & lags, resource req, constraints, imposed dates & assumptions related to the activity • Goal of activity definition process: ensure team memebrs have complete understanding of the work they must do as part of the P scope so they can start scheduling the work Activity List
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