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International Business
International Business INB220
Stephen Wong

INB220YY MidtermChapter 1 What is organizational BehaviourWhat is organizational behaviourOB is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals groups and structure have on behaviour within an organizationOB Takes a Contingency ApproachContingency approach Considers behaviour within the context in which it occursWhat challenges do managers and employees face in the workplace of the twentyfirst century At the individual level we encounter employees who have different characteristics and thus we consider how to better understand and make the most of these differences Perhaps the greatest challenge individuals and organizations face is how to behave ethically Improving Customer ServiceStimulating Innovation and ChangeThe Use of Temporary Contingent EmployeesImproving Quality and ProductivityDeveloping Effective EmployeesHelping Employees with WorkLife BalanceCreating a Positive Work EnvironmentResponding to GlobalizationChapter2 Working in TeamsFivestage modelStage I FormingCharacterized by uncertainty and anxietyStage II StormingCharacterized by intragroup conflictStage III NormingCharacterized by close relationships and cohesivenessStage IV PerformingThe stage when the group is fully functionalStage V AdjourningThe final stage in group development Characterized by concern with wrapping up activities rather than task performance for temporary groups
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