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Seneca College
International Business
International Business SIB520
Jim Warnock

Question #1 AABDD/ BCDDA/ CCCCD/ CDCBB/ BBCCC The contract must be an intention on the part of each party to build a legal relationship. The contract must be an unequivocal acceptance of the offer. The contract must be for a legal purpose. The parties to the contract must have the legal capacity to make a contract. Every contract must be supported by consideration. Question #2 There must be evidence of sufficient support by the Canadian industry for an investigation to be launched. / The general rule is that complaining producers must represent at least 25 percent of Canadian production to support a complaint. / There must be more support than opposition to the complaint within the Canadian industry. Question #3 China’s entry into the WTO has boosted Chinese economic growth and advanced its legal and governmental reforms. As a result, these positive influences on Chinese market will bring changes to China’s agricultural scene and much more job opportunities to 1.3 billion Chinese. Chinese traditional agricultural method based on family units and it has no competitive power against the highly modernized American agricultural system. Also, a lot of surplus labour forces in China have been expecting to have jobs. /// Thanks to the China’s World Trade Organization entry, the huge China’s market of 1.3 billion people has been opened up to other trading nations, and foreign companies’ improved confidence in China arises from the stable returns they can get from the Chinese market. /// Furthermore, after China joined the WTO, the WTO equal treatment principle requires the government to grant equal rights to all enterprises no matter they are ‘State-owned’ or ‘private ones’. Question #4 That the defendant breached that duty / That the defendant’s conduct caused the injury That the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care Question #5 The Convention of International Sale of Goods (CISG) reflects t
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