Animal Form and Function

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Simon Fraser University
Biological Sciences
BISC 101
Tony Williams

Chapter 40 Animal Form and Function Cymothoa exigua y Parasite latches on to the fishs tongue and drains out the blood until the tongue withers away y Attaches itself to stub of tonguebecomes new tongue y Parasitetongue does not harm the fish y Only known animal to replace body part in form and function Key concepts y Form and function are correlated at all levels of organization y Physical laws constrain body design and lead to similar solutions to similar problems convergent evolution y Interaction with environment imposes additional constraints on body form and function All animals exchange materials with the environment y Rates of exchange for nutrients gases and waste products are proportional to membrane surface area y Rate needed for exchange is proportional to cell volume y Easier for smaller organisms or simple for small organisms y Really small diffusion distances Complex multicellular organisms require different methods y Cell number increa
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