Animal Nutrition and Digestion

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Biological Sciences
BISC 101
Tony Williams

Chapter 41 Animal Nutrition and Digestion y Involves food energynutrients being taken in ingested taken apart digested and taken up absorbed y All animals must eat food intake and demand or failure to eat properly health problems 3 Main Reasons to Eat 1 Chemical energy in the form of carbohydrates lipids proteins for cellular respiration and for energy 2 Raw materials for biosynthesis of complex molecules needed for growth maintenance and reproduction 3 Essential nutrients that animals cannot synthesize themselves Essential nutrient examples y AAs methionine valine theonine phenylalanine leucine isleucine tryptophan lysine y Many vitamins C D y Unsaturated FAs 182 y Many minerals 4 Feeding Mechanisms 1 Substrate feeders live in or on their food source 2 Fluid feeders suck nutrientrich fluid from a living host 3 Suspension feeders sift small food particles from water 4 Bulk feeders ingest relative large particles of food Digestion occ
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