BPK 110 Study Guide - Final Guide: Fluid Balance, Kidney Stone Disease, Kwashiorkor

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- Plants vs. animals = diff. combo of amino acids
o Plants proteins not easily absorbed
- 9 essential aa
o Ca’t e ade y ody; osued thru diet
o Complete proteins: have all 9 essential aa
- 11 nonessential aa
o Can be made by body
o Incomplete protein: lack 1+ essential aa
o Lack 1+ essential aa
- Structure:
o 1) carbon atom, 2) hydrogen atom, 3) amino group, 4) acid group, 5) side chain,
6) nitrogen
o Only protein has nitrogen > inefficient as energy because body needs to get rid
of nitrogen, then can metabolize protein
o aa linked by peptide bond
aa + aa + aa + aa > polypeptide is formed!
Polypeptide fold in 3D ways / polypeptide + polypeptide > protein is
All proteins = polypeptides BUT all polypeptides ≠ proteis
o Shape of protein = function
Deaturatio: shape of protei haged, does’t futio orally
Heat, acid, agitation > denature protein
Four Levels of Protein Structure
1. Primary
a. aa + aa + aa + aa….
b. Polypeptide chain
2. Secondary
a. Hydrogen bonds form 1) alpha-helices (swirly) and 2) beta pleated sheets
3. Tertiary
a. More folding
4. Quaternary
a. Polypeptide + polypeptide + polypeptide…
b. Protein formed!
Protein Digestion/Absorption
1. Mouth
a. Chewing denatures protein; polypeptide broken down
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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